A Natural Treasure for Your Skin


The clay mask is indeed a natural treasure with the power to heal and rebalance the skin incredibly. Its virtues are manifold and suitable for all skin types.


Which clay to choose for your skin? What are the best ways to use it to enjoy its benefits? And what are the easy, natural beauty recipes you can make at home?


Why use a clay mask and how does it work?


When applying a clay mask, you’re treating your skin to a genuine RE-MINERALIZING & REGENERATING care; clay works wonders for the skin.




Clay is a mineral component that is found almost everywhere in the world. The color of clay is directly linked to the amount of iron it contains and its degree of oxidation. The more oxidized the iron, the redder, orangish, or yellower the clay will be. Conversely, less oxidation results in a bluer, greener, or whiter hue.


All clays share the properties of being ABSORBENT, CLEANSING, and RE-MINERALIZING. Anyone can use clay; only the application method varies. They effectively capture and unclog numerous impurities and toxins accumulated in the skin, making them an excellent DETOX ALLY for asphyxiated, damaged, tired, or dull skin.


For dry, delicate, or sensitive skin, the mask should be thicker, and the application time shorter.


It’s IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT CLAY SHOULD NEVER DRY ON YOUR SKIN. As it dries, it absorbs the natural sebum on the skin’s surface, leading to dryness and dehydration.

Which clay mask suits your skin type when paired with Integral Balm®?

CLAY is primarily a natural and organic compound that saturates the skin with BENEFICIAL and NOURISHING MINERALS.

Green Clay with THE INTEGRAL BALM No.2 - With Essential Oil

For oily and acne-prone skin. As a regenerating and Anti-aging mask.

White Clay with THE INTEGRAL BALM No.1 - The Original

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Red Clay with THE INTEGRAL BALM No.1 - The Original

For skin prone to redness and rosacea. As an express mask to revive dull and tired complexion. In antioxidant and anti-aging care.

Pink Clay with THE INTEGRAL BALM No.1 - The Original

Suitable for tired and dull skin.

Yellow Clay with THE INTEGRAL BALM No.2 - With Essential Oil

For combination and oily skin. As an exfoliant on brown spots. To prevent wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Recipe for your clay mask with Integral Balm®


Clay loses its properties when in contact with metal. Therefore, earth, glass, or wood are the only materials suitable for handling or storing clay.


Mix 3 teaspoons of your chosen clay with 3 teaspoons of water or hydrosol, add a tablespoon of Integral Balm®, and apply the resulting paste in a more or less thick layer, depending on your skin type and the clay used, on your face and décolleté.


Application time: Do not exceed 15 minutes, regardless of your skin type.

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