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A universal treatment for all skin types and complexions

Face – Body – Hair

Choosing Le Baume Intégral means adopting a minimalist yet high performing beauty routine. This ultra-complete skincare product will meet your skin’s every need.

Take care of your skin from an early age.
« Prevention is better than cure » This adage lends itself perfectly to skin. Le Baume Intégral is an essential skincare product for baby-soft skin but at what age can you start using this product? It’s essential to look after your skin, especially because beautiful skin makes for a radiant face!
We’re not all equal when it comes to the way our skin evolves, but we can help it regenerate and keep its radiance by adopting simple gestures from an early age. You may start using it from the age of 10, to care for your children’s skin.

It’s been designed with them in mind, and once they’ve embraced it, they never look back – they’re the ones who say so! They like it because it brings a great deal of comfort to their skin, whether they use it as a daily treatment or an after-shave. They also like it for its reparative properties, since it’s highly absorbent and doesn’t stick!


In conclusion… Everyone should find the balm or balms that suit them best. It is sometimes wiser to apply a slightly richer product in the evening before going to bed, and a lighter product in the morning as a base for make-up.

At night, our skin is more receptive to the active ingredients we apply to it and regenerates more than during the day.
This is when you want to nourish it with the most specific care, that is rich in active ingredients, as the skin absorbs them in greater quantities. I’m referring to balms N°2 and N°4.

Yes, because the ingredients in the balm work in harmony with your skin’s sophisticated mechanism.

It’s a natural skin care product containing only direct-acting oils that help slow down the skin’s aging process and create younger, healthier-looking skin.

Le Baume Intégral is a natural, organic anti-aging treatment.

Think about the most fragile areas of your face, where your skin is thinner and requires special attention.

Gently massage around the eyes, lips, neck and décolletage.

The beauty industry in recent years has joined the wellness trend, selling skincare products with labels like “ORGANIC,” “NATURAL” and even “CHEMICAL-FREE”.
But what do these terms really mean? Skincare made from natural extracts is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Unfortunately, when choosing a product, you need to bear in mind that not all so-called “natural and organic” skin care products are alike, and not all of them are good for your health despite what it says on the label.

By choosing Le Baume Intégral, you’re guaranteed to buy a product that respects your skin.

Le Baume Intégral is a skin care product that contains nothing dangerous or that could put you or your skin at risk.

Using healthy cosmetic products is crucial in order to keep your skin healthy.

Let’s not forget that our skin is our largest and most exposed organ, subject to many external factors such as pollution, climate change, UV rays, chemical and inappropriate skincare products. When we use cosmetics that are not adapted to our skin, we only aggravate skin problems and trigger others.

Be weary of what you consume and give preference to local cosmetic brands that produce sensibly and in moderation.

Your skin will be all the more beautiful and will thank you for it! My formulas contain no added synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, and are free of petrochemicals.

The way you wash your face is very important.
What’s more, your skin is loaded with all the products you put on it in the morning (sunscreen, cosmetics, make-up…), so cleaning the whole face requires more attention.
To properly remove dirt, you need to spend a minimum amount of time cleaning your face, paying particular attention to all areas (wings of the nose, forehead, temples, chin, neck and décolletage).
Following this routine every evening also prevents the premature aging of skin, even if you don’t wear make-up.
To achieve this, Céline Escand recommends careful make-up removal every evening with Le Baume Intégral N°1.
The balm’s oily texture is ideal for deep cleansing, removing dirt, sebum and other residues accumulated during the day. If you don’t, residues will stick, clogging your skin’s pores and creating pimples and blackheads.
That’s why it’s essential to devote a few minutes every evening to maintaining healthy, beautiful skin and an even complexion in the long run.

Le Baume Intégral is absolutely not a comedogenic beauty product; on the contrary, it tightens the skin’s texture.

Its formula is rich in active ingredients, and only a few products are needed for optimal care.

Applying to slightly damp skin is one of the ways we recommend to use the product, so that it penetrates better into the skin.

It does not stain and it is quickly absorbed. Those who swear by this balm can confirm it! Comedogenic comes from the word “comedo” which literally means the tendency of an ingredient to obstruct the sebaceous glands, responsible for sebum production.


Comedogenic substances can cause a variety of skin problems:

– Open microcysts, also known as blackheads, are black in color due to the oxidation of sebum.

– Closed microcysts, which develop on the surface of the skin, creating a white bump.

– Dilated pores, when skin texture becomes visible and uneven.

– Acne, which can take the form of red, painful, swollen spots or persistent white pimples.


A non-comedogenic skincare product such as Le Baume Intégral means it won’t cause pimples and other blemishes.

Its texture and composition limit the appearance of pimples and do not clog the skin’s pores.

Non-comedogenic cosmetics are particularly good allies for blemish-prone or acne-prone skin.

Since its creation 10 years ago, I have received virtually no negative feedback of this kind.

For the most part, this skincare product is very well tolerated, even by the most sensitive skins, such as mine, which is extremely reactive and fragile.

This organic skincare product is much less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation or irritation.

If an allergic reaction were to occur following the use of this balm, it would most likely be due to a natural ingredient that would be easier to identify.

If your skin reacts badly to the balm, start by rinsing your face thoroughly with clean water to remove the product.

No, it does not, even despite its oily appearance. The formula is rich in active ingredients and very few products are needed for optimal care. It can and should be used on damp skin.

By opting for Le Baume Intégral you are essentially choosing to help the planet. Who wouldn’t want to opt for a multi-purpose cosmetic product and avoid having countless products in the bathroom?

By choosing Le Baume Intégral, you’re minimizing your impact on the environment and supporting sustainable development.

Choosing a cosmetic product such as Le Baume Intégral also means you’re choosing a product that is not tested on animals. By purchasing this product, you are supporting the movement towards banning animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

This organic, GMO-free, animal-cruelty-free skincare range is a safe choice.


Although Le Baume Intégral is a universal skincare product designed to suit all skin types, you may have a preference for one or another in the Baume Intégral range, depending on the condition of your skin at the time, as well as your skin type.


Different skin types can be classified into 5 main categories: dry, sensitive, combination to oily, oily, mature. Each has its own characteristics and requires a specific choice.

I recommend you start by using LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°1, an essential treatment for dry, sensitive skin.

I recommend LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°2 with ESSENTIAL OILS, which is just as suitable for dry skin, but also brightens the complexion and gives the skin a boost thanks to its cocktail of essential oils.

I recommend LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°1 for its overall benefits, LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°2 with ESSENTIAL OILS alternating with N°1 and LE BAUME N°3 SILICA AND CUCUMBER may also be a good choice for your skin. The latter will bring extreme hydration and you might like it for its mattifying properties.

I recommend cleansing every evening with LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°1 to remove all traces of pollution, dirt and make-up accumulated on the skin during the day.

Apply the balm on the entire face, using circular movements from the chin to the hairline.

Finish with a cotton pad, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Gently pat dry with a towel dedicated solely to facial care and apply LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°2 with ESSENTIAL OILS for the night.

You should appreciate this balm for its purifying, astringent and soothing effects.
In the morning, splash your face with water or a mild lotion and apply LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°3 SILICA AND CUCUMBER to mattify and moisturize your skin.

I’d definitely recommend you choose one of these three balms, LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°1, for your make-up removal and skincare routine.

BAUME INTÉGRAL N° 4 with FRUIT OILS as a day and/or night treatment for its plumping and anti-aging virtues. Your skin will be rejuvenated from the very first application.

If your skin lacks moisture and shows signs of wrinkles and fine lines, try LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°3 SILICA AND CUCUMBER in combination with LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°4 WITH FRUIT OILS.

Your skin will be smoother and all the more beautiful.

I recommend LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°2 with ESSENTIAL OILS, for more radiance and to revive dull skin.

What’s more, you’ll love the fresh scent of this beautiful blend of essential oils that will also soothe your mind.

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