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A family secret to share


Back to nature in the beauty world !

« A better production allowing you to consume greener and change the world in your own way”.


Authentic and fairly priced, it focuses on the essentials. LE BAUME INTÉGRAL, a healthy and effective all-in-one skin care product.

Created in the heart of the Alpilles, these balms are a concentrate of natural radiance, containing at least 10 to 15 active skincare ingredients.


99% natural, LE BAUME INTÉGRAL is a range of organic cosmetics developed by Céline Escand, available in 5 treatments in 100 ml and 200 ml. Universal and practical to use, it adapts to all skin types and all complexions.


For men and women : from age 10

“LE BAUME INTÉGRAL, a single gesture for optimal beauty”.


Because your skin’s structure and quality evolve with the seasons, years and emotions, our formulas adapt too :

• LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°1 The original

• LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°2 With essential oils

• LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°3 Silica and cucumber

• LE BAUME INTÉGRAL N°4 With fruit oils

• MULTI-PURPOSE OIL Face – Body – Hair


LE BAUME INTÉGRAL : Well-chosen values for safer cosmetics: Authenticity, Naturality, Simplicity and Purity.

The quality of these formulas, in terms of innocuity, safety and respect for the skin, guarantees products that are good for your health and lead to concrete results.


A word from the founder of Baume Intégral

I defend the idea of organic and ambitious beauty, accessible to all.


I believe the world is beautiful and that it can be even more beautiful. « Each formula is a magnificent destination that pays tribute to beauty secrets of men and women around the world.” My products are made using only ingredients and packaging that respect the environment, for an even more beautiful planet!


Today’s consumers are increasingly informed and refuse to have to choose between health and beauty. The active skincare ingredients contained in my cosmetics are of natural origin, with priority given to organic plants. Respectful of your health, these active ingredients are chosen for their tolerance.

Over Time, Life, and Its Journeys

The Genesis of the Integral Balm

Céline discovers new products, new essences, and new beauty recipes. In Africa, she creates an initial skincare product with shea butter that she generously shares with her loved ones.

Upon returning to France, she naturally ventures into the world of cosmetics and aesthetics. Always in search of the “Best Product” for her clients, a quest that seems elusive!


In the early 2010s, Christian, her companion, witnessing her unsuccessful searches, whispers in her ear to create her own skincare solution. Why not? Céline embraces the challenge, meets with a chemist, and collaborates on the development of a unique and eco-friendly skincare product.


The essentials with the Baume Intégral

For better use of the Baume Intégral : This organic cosmetic is a two-phase care product. For optimal use, do the following :


– Always shake the bottle well before use in order to mix all the active ingredients.

– As the balm is an ultra-complete treatment, it is best to use a small amount of product, which should be warmed in the palm of your hand before applying to the face and body.

– Ideally, apply the balm to slightly damp skin after a shower.


With this product, no more feelings of discomfort. It protects skin from premature aging, leaving it soft, moisturized and toned.

Non-comedogenic, it is well absorbed by the epidermis, providing optimum comfort and well-being for the skin.
Universal and easy to use. Effective on all skin types and complexions.


I’m here to help you make your skincare routine an everyday pleasure!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

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