Men’s Skin, Fragile and Sensitive, Deserves Tailored Care like Integral Balm


What are the characteristics of men’s skin, and how can we provide a fitting solution to their issues? What are their requirements in terms of skincare and beauty? Finally, to complement shaving, create a pleasurable personal moment, a simple beauty ritual against the signs of aging.


Men’s skin is delicate and sensitive, warranting appropriate care such as Integral Balm. Understanding the unique characteristics of men’s skin is crucial in addressing their skincare needs and beauty preferences. Creating a pleasurable and straightforward beauty ritual is essential for combating the effects of time, making it a complement to the shaving routine.


Men rarely purchase products at random; their priority is always efficacy. They approach skincare with a highly functional mindset, prioritizing results over indulgent experiences. Despite spending slightly less time in the bathroom than women, men recognize the significance of their beauty routine, even though it differs from that of women.

While women often explore various brands and regularly switch beauty products, men tend to be more loyal when they find an EFFECTIVE, EASY-TO-USE product with NATURAL RESULTS. Integral Balm No.1 aligns perfectly with their approach, providing a sense of purpose and effectiveness in their skincare routine.

What Characterizes Men’s Skin?


Men’s skin is 10% thicker than women’s. The male hormone, testosterone, doubles and alters Sebum production, making their skin oilier and more prone to irritations and inflammations. It also contains more collagen, delaying the appearance of signs of aging, though they may be deeper when they eventually show up.

On average, a man shaves about 16,000 times in his life. Despite rarely having dry skin due to a significant hydrolipidic film, men still need to care for their repeated shavings, which can stress the skin.

Choosing Skincare Products: A Refined Approach


While the industry aimed to sell them muscular skincare, the tendency was to forget that men appreciate nothing less than REFINEMENT and NATURAL FORMULAS from brands that don’t just showcase their masculinity.

This societal phenomenon isn’t exclusive to women; men now scrutinize product compositions, just like everyone else, questioning what goes into their beauty cream. Some are also concerned fathers thinking about their children and the future.

Shaving is one of the most enjoyable moments for men. Ask them, and there’s nothing like the sensation of a close shave. While they need to ensure they use a sharp razor and lubricate the skin with a gentle product, they require a post-shave product that easily penetrates. The Integral Balm No.3, with its simple, modern texture, provides an immediate sense of hydration.

Massage Away Signs of Aging


Puffiness and dark circles affect half of men. To incorporate a quick ritual into your beauty routine, try these simple gestures with Integral Balm No.1 or Integral Balm No.3.


Warm a small amount of balm between your hands and apply generously to the face and neck after shaving or as part of your daytime routine.


Using the index and middle finger of each hand, perform 2 or 3 gentle strokes.


Move upward and massage the space between the eyes, where the frown lines appear.


Massage the eyebrow arch from the inner eye socket to the temples.


Gently tap the under-eye bags from the inner eye socket to the cheekbones.


Finally, using the thumbs and index fingers, lift the facial contour with a gentle pressure towards the ears.

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