Facial Self-Massage

with Integral Balm

Facial self-massage is a widely practiced ritual in Asia, and its popularity is growing in Europe.

It helps reduce tension, reshape facial features, and restore the skin’s natural radiance.

It’s a daily gesture to incorporate into your beauty routine.

Our face is composed of 43 facial muscles that define its shape and give the skin its firmness. These muscles are rarely engaged in daily activities, causing the face to gradually lose its firmness over time.

Among the essential beauty practices, facial self-massage proves to be very beneficial. It is a simple and enjoyable routine that, when done regularly, helps maintain the skin’s glow and complexion.

It’s a natural and healthy anti-aging practice that helps smooth out facial features and tones the muscles.

Benefits of Facial Self-Massage:

Facial self-massage is, above all, a moment of well-being that we grant ourselves.

Ideal for relieving stress, it stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin. This results in a brighter, rosier, and more even complexion. In addition to its beauty benefits, facial self-massage is a genuine health ally!

When practiced with Céline Escand’s oil, facial self-massage becomes a companion for mature skin!

Accompanied by Céline Escand’s oil, self-massage allows the oil to penetrate the epidermis more effectively. Your skin regains its suppleness and tone.

Self-Massage Technique at Home:

In order to maximize its benefits, self-massage should ideally be practiced several times a week, with daily sessions being the ultimate goal!

Consistency allows you to grant yourself a special moment with yourself, a truly pleasant and rejuvenating self-appointment. This fosters a compassionate reconnection with your own being.

Facial massage helps release the tensions and tightness accumulated throughout the day, which are often culprits of wrinkles.

Taking a few minutes each Evening: a key to self-care

Practical Instructions:

Warm the Oil in the palms of your hands and begin by gently applying them to your entire face. Enjoy the delightful sunny fragrance! Next, perform intuitive movements that feel good to you, focusing on areas of tension. Here are some interesting ideas:


1. Activate Lymphatic Circulation:

Use the tips of your fingers to make circular motions while applying gentle pressure. Start from the neck, move up to the jaw, then go around the face, including the temples and forehead.

2. Work on Face Contour:

Place your thumbs and index fingers on the chin and slide them up to the ears. Follow this with small pinches along the jawline.

3. Relax Temples and Forehead:

With your fingertips, apply pressure in the middle of the forehead and then zig-zag your fingers towards the temples. Perform this motion from the inside, moving towards the outer edges of the face.

4. Decongest Eye Area:

Gently trace a half-circle below the eye, following the line of dark circles, then draw another half-circle above the eye under the eyebrow arch. Finish with complete circles around the eye, starting from the inner corner.

5. Smooth Mouth Contour:

Unwrinkle the area around the mouth by applying gentle pressure with your fingertips. While maintaining this pressure, create small circles around the entire lip contour.

6. Relax Nasolabial Folds:

If your nasolabial fold is prominent, it may indicate tension. Relax it by making small presses with the tips of your fingers from the sides of the nose towards the cheekbones.


Perform each of these movements 5 times, taking your time and ideally practicing mindfulness. Share with us in the comments what effects these techniques had on you!

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